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How to Obtain Your W-2 Online with CoAdvantage

1. Go to CoAdQuantum

2. Click on My Payroll > W-2 from EPrintview

3. Enter your Login ID.

Your Login ID is your SSN without any dashes.
Example: John Doe with SSN 123-45-6789, Login would be: 123456789

4. Enter your Password.

Your Password is COAD-last four digits of your SSN followed by the first letter of your first name
Example Login: 

John Doe with SSN 123-45-6789, login would be: 123456789

Password: COAD-6789J

Please note: password is case sensitive; be sure to include the dash after COAD and capitalize all letters in the password.

5. Enter your Employer PIN, and click Login.

​​​​Your Employer PIN is 7H3Q.

If you have not already registered, you will be required to register and set up a password (password requirements will be on the left toolbar), Follow the instructions on the screen and fill in the appropriate information requested.

6. Click on Consent/Withdraw Consent.

This will bring you to another window for you to confirm your email address, verify system requirements, and give consent.

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