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We are not just a painting company. We are a legacy...

In 1958, our father and founder of A Competitive Edge, Giovanni DiCaterino, immigrated from Italy in pursuit of the American dream for himself and for his entire family.


He settled in Long Island, New York where he began building a name for himself as a painting contractor. Giovanni's impeccable craftsmanship earned him a well-deserved reputation amongst the most exclusive areas of Long Island.


As his company grew, so did the number of family members he enabled to join him in America. 

In the 1980's, Giovanni sought a warmer climate and moved to Cape Coral, Florida. He may have entertained the notion of retiring for a moment, but his love of his work and his family prevailed as his sons persuaded him to start the business with them here in Southwest Florida. 

The A Competitive Edge that exists today was born, and after 32 years, is still family owned and operated by Giovanni's children. 

Though he is no longer with us, his legacy still lives on in the craftsmanship we provide-- honoring all that he built over the years.


In Loving Memory

Giovanni "PJ" DiCaterino (1939-2022)

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